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Airports have thousands of passengers passing through every day. Many passengers will spend hours in the airport waiting for their flight, which makes seating at charging stations, lounges, and restaurants essential to the customer experience.

While, unlike other retail environments, airports may not have direct competition – other airports in their area that customers could choose instead, customer satisfaction is still vital. Research proves that happier passengers will spend more while they are at the airport, and passengers that are calm and comfortable will move through the system more quickly and with less frustration.

For many passengers, a trip to the airport becomes a “hurry up and wait” experience. Even the most seasoned fliers arrive early. Trips by plane also frequently result in layovers, where a passenger is confined within the airport until their next flight. All of this waiting makes seating choices in airports a vital element of terminal design. Here we will focus on barstools, which are ideal seating options for restaurants, lounge areas, and charging stations, as many hurried passengers prefer to perch, rather than sit.

Crowded Airport

There are three major things to consider when choosing Airport Barstools

1. Comfort

As mentioned before, passengers spend hours waiting for their flights. Uncomfortable customers turn into grouchy customers, a feeling that may be compacted with exhaustion from jet lag or an early morning arrival. That in turn does not inspire them to relax and want to do some shopping, which translates into potential lost revenue.

Airport barstools and seating in general should be comfortable to sit on, even for 1-2 hours.

2. Personality

The best-ranked airports in customer satisfaction have one thing in common: they showcased the culture of their cities in fun and exciting ways.

Barstools don’t typically project “fun” and “exciting” by themselves, but they do help to set the overall mood of the area they are in. Color and design can contribute to expression, or can detract from the overall aesthetic.

3. Commercial-Grade

Airports are high-volume spaces – “mega” airports can serve as many as 32.5 million people a year. That means a lot of people to potentially sit on every seat. Residential-grade furniture isn’t meant to be used constantly and may pose a safety risk. (You can read more about the importance of choosing commercial-grade furniture here.)


Equip, Inc. offer a wide range of commercial-grade Airport barstool and seating options. Materials available include aluminum, wood, stainless steel, synthetic, and woven. Equip has styles that can showcase any airport’s aesthetic theme. Read below for some of our favorite options, but don’t hesitate to reach out – our team will be happy to help you find a barstool that suits your airport or terminal!

Read below for some great, popular options!

One of Equip’s more popular airport bar stools is the “Anna” brushed aluminum barstool seen below. The Anna bar stool is an Indoor/Outdoor bar stool in square tube brushed aluminum. In addition, this bar stool is available as a “Quickship” item allowing it to be shipped within 3-5 business days.

Anna Barstool


For airport lounges, bars and restaurants Equip offers durable, commercial grade wooden bar stools in a variety of stains, heights, and upholstery options. Shown below, is the popular “Grill” barstool. This seat is both comfortable and stylish and comes with either upholstered or wood seats. It is also available in a matching chair style as well.

wood barstool with vertical panels and wood seat and back


If a heavier weight bar stool is required in an outdoor environment, Equip offers a range of bar stools built to withstand years of heavy use, like the “Sadie” bar stool below:


For airport bars and premier lounges, the attractive “Carole” ladder-back bar stool below is a popular and stylish option:

black frame barstool with light wood seat and back
Equip Inc Furniture

In addition to the styles above Equip offers many more styles / options to choose from .

Why should you get your commercial airport barstools from Equip?

Purchasing furniture for your airport is an important decision. We help simplify the selection process.

Here are a few reasons why to buy your furniture from Equip:

  • Equip only sells Commercial Grade furniture built for high traffic public spaces.
  • All Equip furniture items carry 1-10 year warranties depending on the make and model.
  • Equip prices are very competitive, and Equip’s customer service is unparalleled.
  • Equip has been in business for over 20 years with a reputation for reliability.

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