Tenant Seating for Specialty Leasing

by | Feb 22, 2019

Taubman and CBL Properties

Job Requirement:

Mall management companies like Taubman and CBL own and manage malls around the world. A large part of their business is often through specialty leasing – agreements that allow businesses to lease for short terms but in the same retail environment as in-line retailers in malls. Specialty leasing typically entails the use of Retail Merchandise Units (RMUs) or kiosks. Since these units are usually free-standing, they often require seating for their tenants and sometimes customers.

Equip Inc. offers an array of products like fitted RMU covers and tenant seating for Specialty Leasing and Common Area needs. Taubman Properties and CBL Properties reached out to Equip for pricing on 78 and 18 barstools respectively to complement their RMU’s and Kiosks.

Special Concerns for this project:

Mall management companies need barstools that can withstand traffic and daily use, come in a variety of colors and styles to fit the space they are in, and are competitively priced to stay within budget. Taubman specifically requested that their new barstools would come in an assortment of colors while CBL was concerned with the new barstools matching their current furniture. Equip worked closely with Taubman and CBL to provide options for barstools that were durable, customizable, and competitively priced.

Equip Furniture Solution:

To initiate these projects, Equip Inc put together a quote for both companies.


Taubman was originally interested in a wooden barstool, so Equip recommended the Carole Stool – a wooden stool with brown stain. They later requested further pricing on metal barstool options. Taubman opted to go with the 809-30-MS stool which features a metal seat and comes in a variety of colors.

809-30-MS barstool and color options


CBL properties requested a quote on the Carole barstool since it was a similar style to the barstools they already had. The main concern for CBL properties was that the new barstools would match the current furniture in this particular mall. Fortunately, the Carole barstool is available in 27 wood stain options and several vinyl color options for the upholstered seat! After viewing color samples, CBL opted to go with a Mahogany wood stain and Claret Vinyl seat.


Equip Inc. aims to provide customers with furniture solutions that are durable, customizable, and affordable. Mall management companies need tenant seating that can endure every day use and complement the space they are in. The Equip team worked with Taubman and CBL to provide barstools in the right style and material, durable, and at the right price point. If your mall or commercial property is in need of tenant seating or common space furniture, give Equip a call! Equip supplies commercial grade furniture and site amenities to retail properties nationwide.

Customer Name:    Taubman and CBL Properties

Project Requirement:  Tenant Seating for Specialty Leasing with competitive pricing.

Special Concerns for this particular project: 

Taubman: Durability and color of barstools
CBL: Durability and style of barstools

Lead Time:
                Taubman: 7-9 Weeks
                CBL: 5-6 Weeks

                Taubman: 78 qty 809-30-MS Barstools in Quicksilver
                CBL: 18 Carole Barstools in Mahogany and Claret Vinyl