As COVID-related restrictions are lifting, shopping centers, airports, amusement parks, and other public spaces are setting up accessible sanitization points, reducing contact between employees and customers, and covering/closing areas to restrict access.


Sanification Point

Sanitizing points in public spaces give customers and employees easy access to hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, and more providing comfort, cleanliness, safety to customers and employees alike. 

The sanitization station pictured here is a practical and elegant solution for indoor use in offices, shopping malls, communal spaces, schools, and more and is available at a great price point through Equip!


Sneeze Shield

In the current situation, physical distance is of utmost importance. In some retail situations, however, it is physically impossible to maintain such dramatic distances between customers and employees.

Countertop shields, also known as sneeze shields, are a solution to this issue. Designed to protect staff and patrons amidst the current crisis, these clear, acrylic partitions provide a shield that prevents direct physical and airborne contact. Equip offers a range of shield sizes and configurations to accommodate all spaces. 



Many facilities are also finding ways to decrease the amount of exposed surfaces by closing off play areas and covering site amenities such as benches and soft seating, touch screen kiosks, water fountains, massage chairs, and more.
Equip offers custom fitted, lockable covers to protect these and other items, keeping them clean, touch-free, and safe.