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This is a free service we offer to help customers see what the products will look like in their space before buying and we’re happy to make the product selection process easier. Call or email us and we’ll take care of putting together a custom mock-up for you showing what the commercial furniture will look like in your space. We can provide a mock-up with different furniture styles in different colors/finishes to give you a really good idea of what the options look like in YOUR space!

Space Design and Configuration Services

Equip can help simplify the process of ordering commercial furniture for your space by offering space rendering services.

When we do a rendering we will show what specific furniture items would look like in your space. This is a great feature when you are undergoing a renovation of your space and need to “see” what different options might look like in the new proposed space.

Take a look at the rendering example below showing a mall food court image and a rendering of that image with a different style of chair and table in the rendering:



Original Image

Rendered Image of Food Court With New Furniture

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