Property Owner Association Furniture Project Profile

by | Jan 3, 2019

CUSTOMER: Canyon Lake Property Owners Association (POA)


Many Property Owner Associations and Homeowners Associations are responsible for common areas within the residential communities they manage including patios, pools, playground areas and more. Furniture in these areas needs to be very durable as it is typically exposed to the elements and used heavily. Canyon Lake POA reached out to Equip Inc in late November requesting a quote on outdoor patio tables. Canyon Lake specifically requested commercial outdoor furniture that was durable, competitively priced, and customizable to meet their space requirements.


Equip immediately provided the following product solutions based on their request: Prestige Picnic Tables, and an Aluminum Umbrellas.

Prestige Table PP201
Property Owners Association Furniture
Prestige Table P-PP201
Aluminum Umbrella UM130P
Property Owners Association Furniture
Aluminum Umbrella UM130P

These commercial patio furniture options were perfect for Canyon Lake’s space.

 The Prestige table is constructed of a steel frame with a plastisol coating making it sturdy and able to withstand all manners of weather conditions. The table is also completely customizable, giving the customer the option to choose the color of the table top and base and whether they prefer a diamond or perforated pattern on the table top.

The aluminum umbrellas, which fit into the table perfectly, are constructed from 5 mm thick aluminum tubing. These umbrellas are among the strongest and most durable models that we offer. Canyon Lake Property Owners Association ordered three tables and two umbrellas from Equip, with green tabletops/seats and a black frame.  

Within two weeks the customer followed up with another request for a quote on commercial outdoor seating. This time, the POA requested pricing for a rectangular table from the same supplier as before. Once again, the Property Owners Association desired two different colors and competitive pricing – both of which Equip provided. Canyon Lake POA ordered two of these tables, this time in black and grey.

Signature Table SG105D
Property Owners Association Furniture
Signature Table SG105D


Equip Inc. strives to provide customers with furniture solutions that are dependable, customizable, and affordable.  HOAs (Homeowners Associations) and Property Management Companies need outdoor furniture that can withstand everyday use and all kinds of weather! Our team worked closely with Canyon Lake to provide commercial tables that are not only the right style and material but also the right price point! If your HOA/POA is in need of furniture and site amenities, give Equip a call! Custom patio furniture is more affordable than you might think. Equip supplies commercial grade furniture and site amenities to HOA/POA’s nationwide.

Customer Name: Canyon Lake POA           

Project Requirement: Durable and customizable outdoor patio tables and umbrellas with competitive pricing.

Special Concerns for this particular project: Umbrella fits in the table, two different colors for table and frame.

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks (the product was shipped within 1!)

Outcome: (in total) 5 tables and 2 umbrellas.