Patio Furniture for Manitou Brewing Company

by | Sep 26, 2019

CUSTOMER: Manitou Brewing Company


Manitou Brewing is a locally owned brewery located in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The rustic pub keeps a lively atmosphere throughout the afternoon and evening with people wandering in for a locally brewed beer, excellent pub food, and the convenience of a dog-friendly patio.

Manitou Brewing recently decided to update their outdoor patio area with some commercial grade furniture that would complement their décor and endure the heavy flow of guests in the summer time.  Owner and Manager, Letitia Dusich, reached out to Equip Inc. for a quote on outdoor patio furniture for this project.



The goal for Manitou Brewing was to maximize the outdoor space for more people on the patio. With limited space, it is important to be strategic with patio furniture so that you can seat a large number of people outside while providing enough space for comfortable conversation and movement throughout.

Manitou Brewing requested dining and bar height tables, chairs, and barstools that are easy to adjust and leave space for guests and waitstaff to move about. They specifically asked for slated tables and chairs so that they would be easier to clean and able to hold well in the harsh Colorado environment.


The team at Equip suggested a sleek, faux wood slat design on a lightweight aluminum frame. These tables and chairs have a clean design while the faux wood slats ties in with the rustic theme of the brewery. The tables are also lightweight and rectangular, which means it is easier to move them around the patio to create a 2 top, 4 top, 6 top, etc. to accommodate different parties.  These furniture pieces were commercial grade and met the requirements of the space as well as tight budgetary restrictions. Manitou Brewing ordered 12 of the Longport Table Tops in sizes 24×24’ and 24×32”with Bali Bases,  24 Largo Side Chairs, and 14 BAL-5602 backless barstools, and they were a perfect fit for the patio!


With competitive prices, excellent customer service, and attention to detail, Equip provides quality furniture solutions that fit the requirements of any restaurant. Manitou Brewing received 12 table tops, 24 chairs, and 14 barstools for their patio space, stating, “It all looks great, thanks for your help!”

If you have any need for commercial grade indoor furniture, patio furniture, or site amenities in your restaurant, give Equip a call at (719)599-0300 or email us at to request a free quote!


Customer Name: Manitou Brewing
Project Requirement: 12 table tops, 24 chairs, 14 barstools
Special Concerns: Durable, Adjustable, Attractive, Affordable
Lead Time: 2-4 weeks
Outcome: 12 Longport Table Tops, 12 Bali Bases, 24 Largo Side Chairs, 14 BAL-5602 Backless Barstools