How to Choose Food Court Furniture

by | May 28, 2021 | Airport Furniture, Blog

Food court furniture needs to be durable – food courts are high impact environments that can expect to see a high amount of traffic.

Where food courts used to be designed to turn over tables quickly, recent design trends have encouraged lingering. Food courts, especially for malls, are becoming more of a draw, less of a secondary need amenity. Even in museums and airports, the emphasis in food court design is moving back towards comfort to encourage gathering and socializing, and away from uncomfortable seating surfaces and garish colors meant to speed up customers eating habits , moving more towards comfortable and attractive, including neutral greys that give a feeling of tranquility and stability.

While color and comfort are important considerations when choosing food court furniture, the overall dimensions and forms chosen will have a bigger impact on your business. There are important considerations to be made for tabletops, bases, and chairs.

Rectangular tabletops, depending on the size, typically require two bases. We suggest round or cross table bases. These will provide extra stability to prevent tables from tipping or falling during regular use. They also provide more flexibility than bolt-down bases. We love these textured Kalypso bases.

Kalypso High Top and Regular Table Base

At Equip, we suggest rectangular tabletops. Rectangular tabletops can comfortably accommodate more people, as they can be combined, making better use of space than round or square tabletops. They are also easier to arrange in an orderly, symmetrical fashion than round or irregular-shaped tabletops.

Equip offers an array of durable, attractive, affordable commercial grade tables that will perform exceptionally well in your food court dining area. With many material, finish and color options to select from, Equip can supply you with commercial grade tables that match your center’s aesthetic. Besides our current lineup of offerings, we can also source additional options on the chance that you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for. All Equip tables are commercial grade and built for heavy use in high traffic environments.

Chairs should be lightweight, durable, and commercial grade. Chairs without upholstery typically last significantly longer, though upholstered seat cushions can be replaced. Cleaning staff will have to move the chairs to clean under them, so lightweight chairs can help improve worker efficiency, and be less impactful to table surfaces when stacked. Lightweight chairs will also help prevent frustration for customers, such as children, when moving the chair. And of course, if the chair tips over, is presents less of a potential safety concern. Again, just be sure to go with commercial grade industrial chairs from a durability, and liability standpoint.

We’ve had the privilege of working on some high-profile food court furniture projects over the years. Read below for how we provided JFK’s International Terminal with 290 chairs, 98 tabletops, 130 table bases, accommodating their unique security and delivery needs.

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