Soft Seating for Restaurants, Bars, Airports, & Ski Resorts

Equip offers soft seating options that will compliment your restaurant, bar, airports, ski resort or other high traffic public space. We offer various soft seating/lounge furniture styles with a range of upholstery options. See our examples below and let us know about your project so we can put together a free custom quote for durable, comfortable, budget friendly options for your space!

Commercial Booth Seating

Booth Seating for Commercial Spaces

Equip offers durable, comfortable, competitive priced booth seating built for the rigors of high traffic public space use. We offer different upholstery options including bleach friendly materials for easy clean up. All of our booth seating options are commercial grade including durable foam support for comfort and product longevity. Click the link below to see a sampling of standard and best seller booth seating options available from Equip for your restaurant, bar, resort or other high traffic public space:

Commercial Lounge Chair Seating

Lounge Chairs for Commercial Spaces

We offer soft seating / lounge chairs for commercial spaces including restaurants, ski resorts, shopping centers, resorts and other public spaces. We offer standard and customized options with a variety of upholstery options to meet your aesthetic, space and budgetary requirements.

Sofas for Commercial Spaces

Sofas for Commercial Spaces

We offer an tailored selection of sofas that are commercial grade, built for heavy use in high traffic environments, are comfortable and also economical. Perfect pairings for your restaurant, resort, high end shopping center or other public space. All of our sofa options are commercial grade and include long lasting foam support and a variety of upholstery options to select from. Call or email us for additional product and pricing information.

All Equip Inc. Commercial Chairs & Seating

All Commercial Chairs & Seating

Review all of our commercial grade seating options to compare and contrast materials, styles, pricing and more. We are happy to put together a free custom quote with options that meet your space and budgetary requirements.

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