Communal Tables Now Available

by | Sep 26, 2018

Communal tables are now available through Equip Inc!

Recently, communal tables have been making a return to popular restaurants. These tables provide many opportunities for both the restaurant and the consumer. For the restaurant, it provides more space to allow for customers. For the customer, the seating provides a social experience.

communal table examplecommunal table exampleWhy Communal Tables?

As stated in Business Insider, “Communal seating is all the rage in restaurant design.” It is no surprise that this new dining trend is so popular for restaurant designers. In fact, communal tables are the most cost-effective way to provide seating. Implementing these tables is the easiest way to increase revenue while providing varied seating options. Integrating communal seating maximizes square footage and allows a restaurant to fit more customers in a small area. It’s simple: more seating = more space for customers. In addition, Communal tables and lounge-like settings create a unique environment. These are the places where people stop for lunch, catch up with family, or even meet new friends. Furthermore, the trend facilitates a memorable social experience. Communal seating creates exactly what it says it will – community.

What to Consider

According to the Grand Rapids Chair Company, there are a few things to consider before implementing communal tables.

  1. If the target audience is a ‘younger, more casual audience,’ the tables are more likely to be a success.
  2. Large tables are more successful in informal settings. Customers of more ‘proper’ restaurants are typically looking for an intimate ambiance.
  3. Consider accommodating working customers by including power ports. This is especially important for café environments.
  4. Make sure the table is the correct size. Nobody wants to sit too close to a stranger, so it is best to make sure there is a little extra space.

If you are considering implementing communal seating in your restaurant or business, give Equip Inc. a call at 719-599-0300, or visit We would be happy to accommodate the needs of your space!