Malls are Upgrading Their Common Area Furnishings

by | Mar 12, 2019

The Mall Experience

Despite what many believe, even with recent growth in online retail, over 70% of consumers still prefer brick & mortar stores to online shopping (Timetrade, 2019). While ecommerce makes shopping more convenient for consumers, malls and retail stores offer an experience that consumers can’t get online. As a result, malls are evolving into something completely different than they were before – a destination.

As customer experience becomes the driving factor in brick & mortar shopping centers, one of the biggest things Mall Developers need to focus on is the common area. Many shopping centers are beginning to transform their common areas into a space for people to linger and have an experience. Whether it is a food court, seating area, pop up shop, or kiosk, the common area is usually the first impression customers have of the shopping center, so it needs to be a unique, inviting, and comfortable space that enhances customer experience from the second they enter the building.

Enhancing the Common Space

Malls across the nation are enhancing their common spaces by adding in restaurants, bars, greenery, natural light, architecture, etc. “With social media at everyone’s fingertips and a huge influence over consumer draw, malls are looking to add visually stimulating, instagramable moments” (Resource, 2019). In Fact, according to JLL, more than 94% of mall owners are rebranding and enhancing their properties to make them more appealing to consumers. Here is our guide to giving your common area furnishings a facelift!

Spice up the food court!

The biggest common area in most malls is the food court, and let’s face it, most of them look the same: a few fast food restaurants and some chairs and tables that wobble when you sit down. The foodcourt should be a place for people to come together and linger, and the best way to do that is to have comfortable, durable, and trendy furniture that gives the space character. Equip Inc. provides furniture for food courts that checks off each of these requirements.

Community Tables

Community tables in a food court

Baylor Penland, photo via Will Crocker photography

One of the biggest trends in foodcourts is community tables. These tables are cost effective and provide varied seating options for common areas. They also present an opportunity for customers to stop for lunch, catch up with friends and family, or meet new friends by facilitating a social experience and encouraging community.

Mall Food Court

Baylor Penland, photo via Will Crocker Photography

Modern Colors and Design

An additional way to rejuvenate a food court is by implementing tables and chairs that brighten the space with light colors and modern design. The Siren Chair shown here is an excellent example of a durable, modern looking chair that adds subtle character to any space.

Create a Comfortable Space

Another way to enhance customer experience is to create a comfy space that stands out. Equip Inc. provides couches like the Queue Tetris shown below that have unique designs, comfortable material, and give the space an extra flare.

Add in some greenery!

Research shows that adding greenery affects perceptions and behavior of individuals in that space. A study by Virginia Tech proved that people actually tend to spend more time in an area when plants are present!

Equip Inc. offers live moss walls that enhance spaces with a colorful pop that also cleanses and revitalizes the air!

Moss Wall for Malls